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Youth Engagement

Youth intervention is fundamental to Right Step’s mission to reduce the impact of substance use disorders in the community. Intervening early in middle and high school is critical.  Individuals who begin using alcohol or tobacco when they are very young are more likely to abuse them later in life, when it becomes much more difficult to quit.  Youth engagement requires a collaborative effort between the child, the parent, and the community.


Right Step approaches substance abuse intervention with innovation and social awareness.  Interactive lecture, role play, and games are used to aid the curriculum and keep our youth engaged.

Our Youth Workshops Include:

  • Clinical Coping Skills For Peer Pressure

  • Coping Skills Dealing With Parents And Close Relatives That Are Abusers  

  • Communication Strategies

  • Avoidance Strategies For Smoking, Drinking, And Drug Use

  • Peer Assertiveness; Stopping Friends From Driving While Impaired


  • Healing With Substances Abuse In The Family

  • Strategies For Preventing Adolescent Substance Abuse During The Transition Years (Middle to High school)

  • Parent-Child Joint Workshops

  • Training On Rule-Setting; Techniques For Monitoring Activities; Praise For Appropriate Behavior; And Consistent Discipline That Enforces Defined Family Rules For Parents And Caregivers


  • Strategies For Addressing Aggressive Behavior 

  • Strategies For Transforming Limiting Social Skills

  • Understanding Family Dynamics For Service Implementation

  • Assessing The Background Causing Academic Difficulties

Youth alcohol intervention, baltimore

Online Youth Training Coming Summer 2022

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