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Meet Our Founder:

Jonisha Toomer, LCPC

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Who We Are:

Right Step was founded in 2015 out of the need to aid in the fight against impaired driving and to potentially save lives.  Right Step’s DUI/DWI classes are facilitated by highly trained Mental Health and Addictions professionals. 


Our staff is dedicated to contributing positively to the community through effective teaching with the use of Adult Learning Theory principles.  Right Step applies the highest standards of excellence to providing DUI/DWI education on the dangers of substance abuse and impaired driving. 



Our mission is to positively impact the lives of at risk individuals through the implementation of Maryland State approved DUI/DWI (Driving under the Influence/Driving While Impaired) curriculum.  To educate, promote public safety, and reduce recidivism.             


Our vision is to educate the community on the risk factors associated with alcohol abuse as well as the impact of operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

Fueled by compassion and dedication to positive change, our director is a force for turning challenges into learning opportunities.  With a background in mental health and substance abuse, she is versed in strategies and solutions for living a happy, productive, and sober life.

Jonisha Toomer, has over a decade of expertise working with individuals battling substance abuse and mental illness.   As a court assessor in Maryland for 3 years.  Her exposure to the prevalence of DUI/DWI’s in Baltimore City was a shocking awakening.  While assessing hundreds of individuals and making referrals over the years, it was found that there was a demand for a DUI education program independent of an outpatient substance abuse treatment clinic.  More important there was a need to create a program whose sole goal and focus was to make an impact in the DUI prevention and intervention community; from that notion Right Step LLC was born.

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