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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services - PRP

Right Step has a unique approach to PRP services.  Clients are provided ancillary support to mental health therapy in the community.  Services are specifically tailored to the individual client and delivered by only the most qualified professionals. 

Right Step's PRP services are track based, clients have an opportunity to focus on the following areas with intensive focus for 6 months at a time:


Track designed to aid participants newly released from incarceration (within the past 12 months) regain stability in the community that includes but is not limited to obtaining necessary documents, employment, housing, etc.


Track designed to aid participants in the acquisition of permanent housing and/or meet goals related to homeownership.


Track designed to aid the participant in the completion of educational, vocational, and/or employment goals. From program enrollment and training coordination to assistance with transportation related to vocation.

Personal Development

Track designed to assist with skills related to daily living.  From household management to planning for personal social related goals, i.e healthier eating, fitness, money management, household chores, etc.

Right Step only accepts Maryland Medicaid at this time.

Holding Hands

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Client Must Be Actively Engagement In Mental Health Therapy To Participate In PRP Services; We Can Help With Therapy Referrals.

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